Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Christmas 2016

Christmas and the long break from school were lovely. The little kids and I attended an art camp the first two days of the break. Really fun way to start of the holiday.

The rest of the break was shopping and prep for the holiday, movie watching, cooking baking and just hanging out together. 

Christmas Eve we walked over the Cam's parents' house. So nice to live within walking distance! We gathered for a meal and gifts and fun.

Christmas day we spent at home....just the 7 of us. It was quiet and strange but still nice. The kids loved their gifts....and so did I. I'm so lucky! We had a "Cam and kid" favorite dinner of ham and cheesy potatoes and caesar salad. Then a rousing game of Yahtzee!!

The day after we were in for a treat! Off to the ocean....pics to follow. So fun!


  1. Such a lovely holiday - it was great to see the family! Grampa and I know how lucky we are to live close by.

  2. Art looks like a lot of fun! Excited for the ocean. Hugs!

  3. I think I have reconnected with my name for your blog....wonderful to no longer post as "anonymous".



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