Sunday, November 19, 2017

Moving Up Ceremony

Spring was time for lots of changes. Moses finished his last year of elementary school. At the end of the year he went away to 5th grade camp for three days. We REALLY missed him. All of us walked around all morose waiting for him to get back. Mr. P was especially lost without him. I don't think Moses missed us too much though. He came home tired and grumpy....and he had turned into a pre-teen over night.

The school has a nice celebration for the 5th graders...a "moving up" ceremony. It was fun to see all the kids in the slide show and celebrate them. 

Tuba had lots going on in the spring too. He was finishing up his last year in the transition program. With each passing day we knew we were that much closer to the end. Oh! The stress and the worry over what Tuba's days would be filled with...or not filled with. Tuba has gone to school (on the beloved bus) every school day for 17 years. We knew the change was going to be hard...on all of us. Okay...and how precious is this pic of Tuba and his school buddy?!

I attended the end of the year picnic with Tuba's classmates. His teacher presented him with a special t-shirt that she had made. It contained all the phrases and sayings that Tuba uses. He was too shy to go up front and receive the he hid behind me.

The little kids and I attended Tuba's transition ceremony. Cam had to work and the other boys had sports. We actually didn't realize the ceremony was as significant as it was or we would have all attended. Tuba's teacher gave a heartwarming speech about him. She was his teacher for 7 years! And she was a first year teacher when Tuba entered as a freshman. She is a special person and we will appreciate and love her forever!!

I took this photo of the kids and then was surprised to see the photo below on the district's instagram! So fun!

Tuba' super awesome aide attended the ceremony too. We are all missing her a lot!

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  1. Where have the days, weeks, months gone!?! Thank goodness for the memories via pictures!



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