Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mile High Laundry!

Why is it that my washer or dryer always breaks when I have a 10 ft. high stack of laundry? Oh yah, it's because I ALWAYS have 10 feet of laundry!!! It also never seems to fail that they break down on a Fri. and the repairman can't come until Mon. or later. You do not even want to know how much laundry there will be by the times it's running again.....yikes. This time it's the dryer so at least I can wash what's needed and hang it to dry. Right now the shower rod and the whole laundry room are full of hanging laundry drying. At least it's summer time too. I think I'll hang some things up in the garage and outside today. It takes a long time for boy's cotton undies to dry! The hubby and I have spent the last 24 hrs. debating whether to buy new or have it repaired AGAIN! We need to have the venting blown out and inspected so we opted to have the guy come more time. He's been here 3 times in the last 5 years (2 times dryer, 1 washer). I already picked out the new washer and dryer that I want so I'm hoping the repair guy says, "It's time for a new set"! I can dream.....can't I? Anyway, here's a picture of my dream machine team!
Washer that holds 16 pair of jeans!

Fabulous Dryer!
This is the counter top that goes over the top of washer and dryer.....Super Duper cool, and a must have accesory!!!!!

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