Wednesday, July 11, 2007

You gotta love Veggie Tales!

Sometimes after dinner, before the bedtime routine gets under way, we call out..."Do you want to watch a Veggie Tale?". Baby guy goes racing to the TV and plunks himself down ready to go. His little arms get going in anticipation of the music to come. His older brothers get settled in and ask for popcorn. The three of them will sit on a beach towel on the floor and share their popcorn snack and sing along. Baby guy hums the Veggie Tale song many times a day cute. Even I have the songs stuck in my head...broccoli, celery, got to be Veggie Tales!

1 comment:

  1. Maybe I need to get a Veggie Tale movie to help Zach EAT his veggies!! LOL So cute to see him sit there and watch, no way will Zach do that! Hope you are well...I'm going to email you soon and ask some ?'s about AAI and such:)



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