Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Catching Up

Well we've been busy decking the halls. I'm done shopping (Yahoo!). Now, I need to get wrapping. I don't think we can put the gift under the tree until Christmas this year. Between Baby Guy and Shiloh (the cat) I don't think they stand a chance. Also, Mr. P and Tuba are REALLY excited to open them...too tempting. My cards are ready for the mail....if I would only remember t0 get stamps. We got our tree, it has lights and today we will put up the ornaments. All the boys went out and put up the outdoor lights. I'm feeling very non-stressed and far so good:0

The Elves putting up lights

My boys at Mr. P's Pre-school Christmas Concert. What a hoot. Mr. P did NOT want to go up on stage to sing but I "persuaded" him. He stood perfectly still (think deer in the headlights), didn't udder a word all the way through 18 songs! After the show he told me he sang them all in his head!


  1. So cute! I know what you mean about the cards and the stamps---if only you could buy a roll of 100 Christmas stamps online delivered right to my door...


  2. The boys are son handsome (and smart, too!) in their Holiday sweaters and vest. I love this picture. And the concert was wonderful, too. The most fun is watching parents watch their children.

  3. Call me soon I don't have your number everything was stolen!! I have a new phone with the same number...can you call me today??



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