Thursday, December 6, 2007

Faces of Layla

Yesterday I received the Faces Of Layla book for my birthday. It is amazing and so beautifully done. The photos were all taken in Dec. of last year. That was only 4 mos. after Baby Guy left Layla House. Many of the children we met while in Addis are featured in the book as well as the wonderful staff from Layla House. I sat looking at the book with my boys on the couch. Baby Guy was MESMERIZED! It was so fascinating to see his reaction to the photos. He sat quietly and stared at each photo. Many of the nannies who cared for him were pictured in the book too. I can't help but think they were familiar to him. These were the ladies who fed him, rocked him, bathed him and nursed him back to health. When I was at Layla to meet Baby Guy and bring him home I was so touched to see the love he had for the nannies and they for him. He would light up and smile at them, giggle when they tickled him and look when they called his name. I knew he had been so lovingly cared for in the 4 months he was at Layla House. If you haven't seen this's a must have! Nearly the entire price ($50.00) goes to the GRACE fund which gives money for hard to place orphans. Go to to order your copy.


  1. Happy Birthday!! The book sounds lovely...I was looking through pics of meeting Zach and his nanny loved him so much too. So touching and reassuring that the kids are being given genuine love while they wait to go home...

  2. I totally agree with you. Baby T was only about 8 mos. old when he left Ethiopia, yet when we play H's Ethiopian music cds, he stops and looks around like he remembers it. I think he really does.




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