Sunday, January 23, 2011


A few years ago my mom bought a couple pair of kid friendly chopsticks. They are hooked together at the top and can be used simply by pinching them together. Well, one set broke and the lone pair have been argued over. The other night at dinner Mr. P noticed there were some real chopsticks in the silverware drawer. So, we got them out to use. Everyone was excited.

Baby George used the stab method.

Busy Guy tried SO hard to make it work.

Mr. P worked hard too.

I wasn't really much help. I am terrible at using chopsticks. Terrible. I tried showing the kids how to do it but in the end I told them the only thing I knew how to do with chopsticks was to put my hair up! I showed them an up-do! Soon after I looked over and Sis had her own chopstick hair-do goin' on!

Of course then everyone had to get in on the action. Baby George was very sad that his hair wouldn't hold the chopstick.
Busy Guy was rockin' the look.
Tuba doesn't care about chopsticks or hair-dos. He's into the food!
Oh, and by the way, Yes, we do eat dinner naked. Okay, not naked but my boys are always running around in their undies and often eat dinner "in their boobies". So in case you ever come to dinner be prepared. :)

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