Friday, January 21, 2011

Kitchen Makeover

We just had our cabinets re-faced. They look amazing. I love them!! I'm hoping they help us when we put our house back on the market. I think the old dark nasty outdated cabinets were a big draw back to potential buyers. But, in the meantime...I'll be enjoying them. They are light and bright and really make the room sparkle. The next thing to do is update the tile backsplash and counter tops. But, we are paying cash so we will have to save up...and wait a bit longer. Actually, I think the cabinets are so nice they make the rest not look so bad! What do y'all think?
Here's the old ones. Ewwww.

And....the NEW ones!! Gorgeous!! The same man that built our banister and our built-in bookcases made the cabinets. Great work!! And...he was awesome to our kids! Thanks Clary! He is a Saint! Would you want 5 kids playing peek-a-boo with you while you use power tools? How about 5 kids running through the kitchen, asking 1 million questions and trying out your tools? Me? Not so much! Clary? Just fine and dandy with him! Like I said, a Saint!
And the BEST part of all!! A new pantry. I had not realized how much I hated our pantry. It was too deep, too dark and hard to access. It was designed horribly. You needed a head lamp and a prayer to find anything. The old pantry had accordion doors. Dumb. You couldn't see about 6 inches of the side. Here's photos of the old pantry. Side Note: Since I knew I was getting a new pantry I quit cleaning or organizing it before Christmas. What a pit!
Once it's empty you can see how terrible it is! Bad design!
And...the NEW one!!! Gorgeous! I'm in love with my new pantry...and yes, I want to marry it!! It now has double doors that open me so much more space that I can see. The shelves are also not as deep and they are bright white and there are more of them too. Ohhh....can you feel the love?
I had a shelf put way up at the top for all of my cookie cutters/sprinkles/cake making stuff. Love it.


  1. Love it! And so, so, so happy for you! I completely "get" the pantry love too. A good pantry is like a good vacuum.

  2. It is a beautiful, beautiful kitchen...often filled with kidlets and the good smells of excellent cooking!

  3. Oh Becky, your kitchen is beautiful! I love the new cabinets - totally amazing how he did that! Would you mind passing on his name to me? We really want to have built-in bookcases made too - you know, when the cash starts rolling in, and that could be awhile. :)



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