Monday, January 24, 2011


Something to entertain you! Poor Cam had a tooth fall out. It was a tooth that was damaged in a soccer game when he was a kid. The post went bad and the tooth fell out. We got some good laughs with the new look. Like Father like Son! Unfortunately the tooth couldn't be re-glued and Cam has been going through a torturous amount of dental work to have an implant done. Very expensive and very painful. He now has a retainer with a tooth that he has to take out every time he eats. What a pain. The dentist removed the root and put cadaver bone in and it will be about 6 mos. before he can get a tooth implanted. The bone has to grow. It was challenging to explain "cadaver bone" to the kids. Ewwww. But, we are thankful for access to a dentist and restoration of a beautiful smile. :)

Well, I actually got on here to post the latest stats on height/weight of the kids. No, I will not be sharing my stats. Ugh. Christmas indulgence has snowballed and I need to stop!! Eeeks!

Well, here's the kids.

Tuba: 5'1" and 88 lbs.

Mr. P: 4'3.5" and 55 lbs.

Busy Guy: 3'6" and 36 lbs

Sister: 3'1" and 25 lbs.

Baby George 3'1" and 30 lbs.

Wow! Finally, the wee ones are the same height...not so much in the weight. Sis is a feather, long and lean, Baby George is solid, strong and muscular.


  1. cadaver bone? that is giving me the willies!
    and on a completely different subject, i am starting to think that you guys are nudists.

  2. Becky, cadaver bone and implants are completely normal anymore! I know that it is very expensive (and weird) but you will be happy with the end result (assuming you have a stellar dentist similar to the one I work for) :)

  3. The only important stats for regular people over 35 is whether they are shrinking - you don't want osteoporosis! But I can't believe your oldest is almost as tall as we are! And yes, it's good to know that my incentive for picking up the kids for hugs is that I must start pumping iron!



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