Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Catch Up

Life is spinning..........

Whoaaaaaa! I've been neglecting my blog. Life has been good and busy. Here's a mini catch up.

Mother's Day - I had a wonderful day!! My one wish was to have a shower without anyone coming into the bathroom....to tell on someone, to ask me a question, or to go poop!! And, yes it happened!! Whooohoooo! The kids brought me breakfast in bed. Loved it. I really love all the nice things the kids make me at school. God bless the teachers for doing such a kind thing! I laughed and cried at those precious gifts. We went to church and got to worship with my mom, sister, nephews and step-dad. Really nice. Then we went to eat. Yeah! And then spent a nice day at home.

TKD - My boys (Cam, Mr. P and Busy Guy) had testing last Sat. The little boys advanced to yellow belts! Yipeee! They did wonderful! Cam advanced to brown belt. AND...he was the only student to get a perfect score! He was amazing. Wow!! I was so impressed with his performance.

Kali - Love, love, love my sweet doggy! She had her spaying surgery yesterday so she is a bit sore. She is snuggled up in bed with me. Love her! How did I live so long without her? She makes the kids laugh so hard. She loves stuffed animals and keeps taking the little fabric dolls from the dollhouse. The kids throw them for her and she runs and gets them and then shakes her head all around. They can't get enough! Love her!

AND....perhaps the main reason I've been neglecting my blog. We are moving! Yep. We are buying a new house. Finally! We have decided to rent out our home and take the plunge and buy a new one. It's fab!!! I'll post more later about the house. We love it. The inspection is this week and if all goes well we will be moving the end of June. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Say some prayers for us to find great renters. I'm so nervous!!


  1. Yeah! Fingers crossed the house buying works out! :)

  2. Oh, you two deserve a seamless move, great rents and, yes, all the packing boxes you need! (Try Erickson's Furniture...surely THEY have good moving boxes)



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