Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Dog's Life

We are really loving our new doggy Kali! She is the sweetest girl! She is getting lots of love and cuddles from the kids.
Busy Guy read her stories. She listened and looked at all the pictures.

She loves to go bye-bye in the car. Plus, I'll never have to vacuum the car again! Too bad she doesn't eat pine needles and dirt...I guess I'll just vacuum less often. :)

We have had a terrible far as weather goes. It was the coldest April on record. Boo! But, we had one nice day last week and we took Kali to the park. Tuba loved walking her all around on her leash.

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  1. Hi!!! Kali is SO cute, congrats on the addition. :) I just had to pop in and tell you that we are making trip #1 for court in 2 weeks!! EEEK! We're all set and ready to go....and I think plans have changed and I will be going the second trip as well...I just have to. Our boy is super cute, been healthy and I am so looking forward (but dreading at the same time since i can't bring him home yet)meeting him. Prayers for passing court the first time are appreciated and I'll let you know how it all goes. Big hugs to you all!
    Leah Cornelius



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