Monday, July 11, 2011

Missed Me?

Have ya missed me? Well, I've missed writting on my beloved blog! Crazy busy times for me!! We moved! Yeah! More on that later and pictures of the fabulous new house too. But first I need to catch up on other things.
Just after moving to our new house I got 2 new neices! I now have 3 neices to go along with my 3 nephews! Also, Cam's siter Cinn had a baby and my sister Chelsea had a baby. Babies Babies!! I love it! For an update on Cinn and Jamie's precious baby go to her blog which is listed on my side bar. It's called A Walk In The Garden. I don't want to post pics of her on my blog until I take the feels weird to steal the photos from her blog and re-post them. I can't wait for them to visit us this winter!! Hurry!! Come see us soon!! I have your room ready!!
My sister Chelsea asked me to be her delivery coach/helper person! I was thrilled to have the job. It was an amazing experience to see a baby born! I was at my sister's other births but they were water births and you just can't see much. This time it was at the hospital and no water birth. I got a front row seat. Amazing! I loved it!! What a miracle it is when a baby is born. My sister was a trooper! She had a terrible epidural experience so decided to go natural. She is tough and is a rock!! Thanks Chelsea for asking me to be part of this special day. I loved it!! Of course, no pain for me...other than no sleep. :)
On to the baby. She is precious!! Love her, love babies! The first pic is just seconds after she was born. The Dr. is suctioning her out.
I adore this photo! You can see how tired my Sister was and how hard she worked to birth this baby girl.
I set up the camera and took my own picture with the timer! :) Proud Auntie!!



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