Thursday, July 14, 2011

Someone is 8!

Mr. P had a birthday just after we moved. It was a bit hard to plan a party around the big move. We decided on a small party at our new house.....just 5 days after moving. We went with easy. Corn dogs, ice cream cake and lots of playing. No games, no goody bags. :) The boys had a great time. They were all running around our house so I sent them outside to play in the wet yard. Oh well they didn't mind. It was a huge success and it was easy. Exactly what I needed.
I cannot believe my baby boy is 8!! He is growing into such a big kid. He is reading all the time. I love to hear him in bed at night reading Calvin and Hobbes and laughing out loud. He got monopoly for a gift and has been beating all of us at it! He is the land baron!! He has been such a huge helper too. He is very sweet to Tuba and helps me a ton with him. Sometimes when Tuba is being a stinker for me Mr. P will ask him to do it and Tuba will comply. He is also growing a ton! He is eating ALL-DAY-LONG too. I guess that is what happens when you ride your bike all day long! I can't complain when I look at him and he is the skinniest kid.
Happy Birthday my sweet, smart 8 year old. I love you to the moon...and back!


  1. Sounds like birthday parties around here ! Lots of love and happiness...You look so happy. I hope the new move is working out great, and that you are having a wonderful summer.

  2. Yes, eating a lot (even corn dogs and ice cream cake) is fine when he is skooting around on the skooter and biking around on the bike! And running! I, too, love that he has discovered reading. Many good memories here of his Dad reading under the covers and never once complaining about a reading assignment. I mean, his Dad was Mr. Run, Jump and Race and yet, he loved reading. It is so lovely that you encourage activity as well as Monopoly (no, I will never play...I always lose) in this precious guy.



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