Sunday, July 17, 2011

New House

I wanted these photos at the end of the post but my laptop and blogger are not it is this way instead. :)
The move was long and hard and....stinky! But the reward is we get to live in our beautiful new home. 4 of the 5 kids were horribly sick during the move. Terribly nasty illness. 104 temps. that lasted for 6 or more days. Mr. P would vomit when his temp went up high. Awful. Baby George and Mr. P both also got sinus and ear infections. Sis and Busy Guy rode it out with just fevers and feeling terrible. The day of the big move Busy Guy and Mr. P were too sick to go to their Godparent's house with the other kids. They laid in our bed until it was time to move the bed and then they laid on the floor with towels and a bed skirt over them. It was so sad. My mom was a life saver. She sat with the boys until we could move them and then made up all the kids' beds so they could go to sleep at the new house. Thanks Mom!! Grandpa Bill came with her and besides helping with the kids they helped us move and clean. We hired a couple of guys to help us too. All the moving was done in one day. The next day we spent the whole day at the "old house" getting it cleaned and ready for the renters to move in. Whew! I have never worked so hard!
Of course there is still lots here to do but we have unpacked LOTS! The kitchen is all put away and most of the bathroom, bedroom stuff is done too. There is lots of books to unpack but were not sure where everything is going just yet.
I LOVE my new house. LOVE!!! The neighborhood is amazing!! The kids have been playing outside and riding their bikes/scooters non-stop. We take a family walk every night after dinner. There is so much to say about what I love. The view, the increased sq. footage, the yard, the quiet, the dining room, on and on.
I'll start with the best. Our master bedroom is out of this world! The view is so beautiful. I feel like I'm on vacation.


  1. I think the resilience that you showed your children during the crisis of this move, was amazing. And now, the benefits! I smile to myself thinking of them growing through their childhood and into adulthood and then coming back to this place...the home you are building in their memory...with your, gulp, grandchildren. (I know, I know, too much info for right now)

  2. Wow Becky! Your new house is gorgeous! I looove the view and your beautiful bedroom with the built-in window seat, storage and fireplace. Soooo happy for you guys, but isn't that how it goes that the little ones always get sick at the worst possible moment? Maddy broke out in hives the morning we were supposed to move - spent the day at the doctor's office instead. :) Can't wait for more pictures! Congratulations again!



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