Sunday, November 20, 2011

Green Bean confession

I have a confession to make. I've never had green bean casserole!
I just know I would NOT like it! It looks terrible. I do not like those nasty crunchy things on top and I do not like casseroles made from canned soup. Blech! You may be saying "I bet you'd like it if you tried it". Ummmm, no. I do not like it. Not in a car, or a bar, or on top of a star. I do not like it with a goat or on a moat or in a boat. Yes, I have toddlers and am forced to read too much Dr. Seuss. I don't really like Dr. Seuss either.....but that is a topic for another day.

I don't buy much packed food....processed food. I like things from scratch. It's cheaper and healthier. I make pancakes/waffles, cookies, cake, etc. from the flour and sugar and such in my cupboard...not from a package. I make casseroles and soups and sauces from scratch too. I really hate canned I said earlier. It's too salty....too nasty. Homemade soup is so easy and so good.

Confession time: I will admit to a few packaged foods I like (don't criticize). I LOVE microwave popcorn. I like the Homestyle one. It tastes just like homemade. Yum. Oh, and I do love Pepperidge Farm cookies....the ones with dark chocolate and nuts on them. Yum. I also buy Costco meatballs. I'm sure they are terrible for me. They are not organic, not locally grown and full of salty badness. But, they have gotten me through quite a few crazed days when cooking dinner just didn't seem possible. So I vote them as Yum too.

The picture is my little helpers (in their favorite outfits) unwrapping butter. Sis will take a bite out of the cube when I'm not looking. She loves butter. Mr. P had school lunch last week and told me the waffles were really good. He said there was something "like butter" on them. I told him it was margarine. Ewwww. He voted Yum for margarine.

What are your favorite things to make from scratch and what are your favorite processed foods...even if they are a secret. :)


  1. Okay, I love bullion (for cooking but really, it's processed)and I love mix-it-yourself Ranch dressing-dip. Also chocolate candy. Love Cadbury and Hershey more than home made fudge. My taste buds have changed considerably over the years...but I do love to cook.

  2. Mmm, my favorite nasty processed foods are probably bbq potato chips (it is a good thing they don't appear in our house very often). Oh and KFC fried chicken. I love that stuff! (blushes)

  3. Well I make everything from scratch: tomato sauce, stewed tomatoes, cakes, cookies, soups, etc., even beef, chicken, and vegetable broths. I don't buy any 'junk food' (however Nana Bill does buy an occasional bag of potato chips and I've been known to eat a few myself). Hum, let me think, 'junk food' ...well, I do love Hammond Cinnamon candy canes and buy one every Christmas.



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