Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I've got my posts out of order a bit. We actually did pumpkin carving the night before Halloween. Oh, well. My camera battery was dead so I took these photos with my phone. I took lots of photos but of course we were all nude...okay, in various stages of undies, pjs and...undies. :) I have to confess that I have never carved pumpkins with the kids. Cam has always done it and I've watched and taken photos. Well, this year we had lots of kids who wanted to carve so I figured I'd join in. It was SO much fun. I remember it being REALLY hard to carve a pumpkin....from way back when I was about 10 years old. But, it was actually super easy. We have these awesome carving tools (thanks Nana!). We had the kids draw the faces on the then Cam and I carved. Mr. P got to carve his own this year.
The face on Busy Guy's pumpkin! Love it!
Sis had a great time coloring all over her pumpkin. We decided her pumpkin was a girl and it needed eye lashes. I love this pic of her staring at the lit candle. Precious.
Mr. P did the whole thing himself. Awesome! He even put pj's on so I could take his pic and post it. :)

The last pic is all the pumpkins lined up and lit up. From left is Cam's, Baby George, Sis, Busy Guy and Mr. P's. Works of art!

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  1. I loved these...especially the lighted pumpkins. Better than the Google-pumpkin presentation...well, maybe not better because they had a LIOT of aqdults working on them...but at least as good!



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