Wednesday, November 9, 2011

On Monday night I had just put dinner on the table when Sis screamed and came running into the kitchen....blood running from her head down her face. Ugh! She had jumped off a chair and hit her head on the fireplace hearth. Of course Cam was at work...working late...of course. I grabbed a towel and pressed it on her head. I started to cry, started to freak out. Then I noticed Mr. P was freaking out. He asked if he should call 911. I wanted to say, "YES". I knew I had to look at her head to assess it but I did NOT want to. I'd really rather call 911 and let the pros look at it. I also thought I could run her next door and have a neighbor look at it. In the few seconds it took me to think all these things I realized I had to suck it up and look at it myself. ARGH! Sometimes being an adult and a mom is hard! I quickly pulled the towel off and looked. Ewwww. a gaping wound. I then called Cam quickly to freak out a bit and ask if he thought she needed stitches....I offered to take a photo and send it to him. He calmly told me to take her in. Ahhhh....the voice of reason.
I then called my MIL...who lives 3 blocks away. Thankfully she was home and got to my house in 2 minutes flat. The thought of taking all the kids with me to the clinic was scarier than looking at Sis's wound. Busy Guy was such a great help. He held the towel on his sister's head while I got ready to leave. I grabbed Sis and Mr. P (he wanted to come to help me) and off we went.
At the clinic it was busy. Flu season. Lord please keep us from getting the flu today was quickly added to my prayers. Sis's head had stopped bleeding and she hadn't cried since the first couple minutes it happened. She sat on my lap and from time to time would wince and say it hurt. Poor girl. She was tired and hungry and in pain. The wait time at the clinic....2 hours.
The nurse did get us into a room after about 30 minutes so they could assess her. Mr. P was very anxious and wanting to go home. At one point Sis's head started to bleed again and that caused Mr. P to have a major anxiety attack. It was terrible. Poor guy. Meanwhile Cam was on a bus trying to come home from the city.
Finally Cam arrived....after 1.5 hours at clinic. He took Mr. P home and I stayed to have Sis stitched up. She is THE bravest girl in the world!! She laid perfectly still and looked right at the Dr. for the whole procedure. Amazing! She has 5 stitches. The good thing is it's right along her hairline so I hope the scar won't show. No, I'm not a mom who thinks scars add character. :) Also, it was school picture day on Tues. Awesome! Not!
The next morning she woke up and announced, "my owie is ALL better". Then she took off at warp speed and hasn't slowed down. Ugh. I on the other hand have had a huge headache. 

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  1. Thank goodness it was along the hairline and correctable with stitches. No, that doesn't make it okay but when she's in middleschool it will be! Yes, being a good Mom sometimes means doing the things that are against everything your body can bear...and you are a good Mom. (Just glad to be close enough help out.)



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