Wednesday, May 9, 2012


We have the wonderful snails in our yard. Really, I know they are just slugs with shells but somehow the shells make them charming. You know the saying, "clothes make the man"...well, I guess it applies to snails. The kids love them. They take them off the wall and then put them back on again. They learned last summer not to step on them. They are "God's kweetchews" says Baby George.

On this spring morning the wee ones were having a great time exploring their friends the snails. I especially like that Baby George is wearing his Sis's pj pants....and Sis, well, she's got on a typical creation outfit of her own...with bed head.

Our neighbor saw the kids playing with the snails and announced that will be poisoning them. Wow! Nice! Thanks for sharing that with my kids. They were so upset. I tried to calm them and tell them only his (neighbor Doom The Poisoner) snails will be killed...not ours. But, we shall see. I hope ours don't die too. I know they probably eat my plants and they really are just slugs but they bring the kids such joy.


  1. Snails are awesome! Although, I think slugs are pretty cool too. ::)

  2. I love snails and stop to talk to them on my walks. Also, for Valentine's Day Keith got me what I wanted, a non-fiction book titled: "The secret World of Slugs and Snails" LOL.

  3. I love your little girl's outfit, and the joy in your home spills over to mine through this ciber space called blogging. Thanks for posting such a happy day :)



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