Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tale of two snakes

Or shall I say the tail of two snakes. What is with snakes...I hate them! I don't hate very many things...but I really hate snakes. Yes, it was big and brave of me to take the kids last week to the reptile zoo. Yes, I went in and I didn't even cry...well not on the outside anyway. Don't you think that I should get some kind of reward...ribbon...points with the creator of snakes...something? Well let me just say that NO, I don't. What do I get? I get an up close encounter with a snake!!!!

Let me begin with the first snake tale. This little story happened 15 years ago. Cam and I were newly dating. We went out for a country drive to enjoy the weather and each other's company. We stopped at a park with a scenic trail. Of course I was wearing flip flops...they are my favorite shoe...and always have been the staple of my summer wardrobe. We were walking along the trail when I heard some rustling in the bushes near me. I looked down to see about 20 little garter snakes slithering all over each other. A NEST OF SNAKES!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH! I jumped straight into the air, landing on Cam's back/neck, wrapped my legs and arms around his head and demanded to be carried back down the trail. He thought it was funny and laughed until he realized that he could not peel me off of his head and that I was NOT getting down. He carried me down the trail...and even married me. My hero.

Yesterday, I had an even worse encounter with the dreaded snake. What is the deal? Me, Cam, sunny walk, flip flops and a we have to do this again? We took the kids to walk along the river in the sunshine. It's a paved path with river on one side and lush swampy bushes on the other. We had a nice time looking at the scenery, saw some ducks. I even had the thought...I bet there are snakes and lizards in all that swampy area. As we neared the end of our walk I was pushing the double stroller with Busy Guy and Baby George in it. Cam was holding little princess....I'll just scream if you make me ride in the stroller. Mr. P and Tuba were walking and holding our hands. Lovely time. Then, Busy Guy dropped a toy he was holding. I bent to pick it up AND at the same time a garter snake slithered over my bare foot!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I kicked it off my foot and left the stroller, all 5 kids and Cam in my dust and I screamed and ran to our car shrieking and hooting all the way. Blech!!!! Cam and the boys (who looked a little mystified) yelled for me to come back. Cam said he couldn't get the stroller and all the kids back to the car. I don't care and I'm NOT coming back was all he heard from the back of my head. My biggest fear was that Cam would pick it up, and come toward me with it...I'd have to divorce him and that would be so sad for the kids and I don't want to be a single mom...please God...don't let that snake near me! EWWWWW.

Why did this happen to me....why? And, Cinn...I hear you laughing! Not funny! I'm still traumatized today and every time I think about it I shudder. The boys see me and say...why are you still thinking about it...Mom, it was just tiny and it looked really scared...especially after you kicked it and screamed so loud at it. Although Busy Guy told me if he sees it again he will shoot it for me. Good are now my favorite child!


  1. Becky, sorry but the tale of your snake encounter made me laugh! I am exactly like you. When we lived in Texas, a GIGANTIC cockroach crawled out of the sink overflow hole into the bathroom sink while I had one leg in the sink, shaving! Oh my gosh, I couldn't scream and run out of there fast enough! Snakes freak me out, too. EWWWWW!!!! I hope you recover from your traumatic incident--maybe you should consider wearing sneakers next time you go for a walk in the woods. :~)

  2. LOL! You're right, I laughed. But you can take revenge in the fact that you almost made me pee my pants in the office. :)

  3. WHAT ARE THE ODDS!!!!!!
    Still laughing at my computer.......



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