Monday, May 28, 2012


Memorial Day. I want to say thank you to all the veterans, past and present. Thank you for your service and dedication. Thank you also to the amazing families who support our veterans.
This pic of Busy Guy is from the Memorial Day Parade 2009. What a moment to capture on film. Truly a Kairos moment to treasure.
In the comments section Deborah asks, "Are there moments, days, when you KNOW we are right in the palm of God's hands?". I love this. I think it's a statement and a question. This is the essence of the Kairos moments that I post. Kairos moments are when time seems to slow or stop and we see glimpses of God and His beauty.
Kairos moments:
On a bicycle ride I passed a house and saw a woman combing her daughter's hair out in the front yard. They were standing in the welcoming sunshine all bathed in light.
At our bonfire last night Cam hollered to me that there were two eagles "coming in hot". I looked up in time to see two eagles flying low and chasing a bunch of crows RIGHT over our house and yard. Amazing!! I screeched and hooted. Such a sight.
On a walk one morning I saw a whole flock of goldfinch fly overhead.
During prayers last night I glimpsed Sis with her head resting on Cam's shoulder and her little hands around his neck.


  1. Kairos moments...that pause in our lives to remember, be grateful, and smile. So far today, having coffee with Cam. Watching the plants on my balcony and in the bedroom assert themselves. The sun breaking through the misty sky. Sara's cat...Jersey used to be so afraid of us, hop up on the coffee table for a pet. Love you and On this memorial day, memories of my father and other relatives who are gone, and my friends, also, who are gone.

  2. That's my most favorite photo of Busy Guy! I'm going to print and frame it.



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