Thursday, May 24, 2012

More Makeover

I've been busy painting our dining room and living room. I did not like the colors (garish yellow and drab dirty white) and have been itching to change them. Once the kitchen was painted I really wanted to get the other rooms done too. I'm not brave or bold when it comes to paint colors. But, I went out of my comfort zone....meaning I choose a color outside the beige family. :)

It was hard! I had several friends as well as family come over and give me their opinions. I consider them my free decorators. They gave me great advice! The rooms look amazing. I LOVE them. It's soothing and beautiful. Hurray.

I love before and after photos. So, here it is! What do you think? Dining room with old yellow and in right corner you can see the start of the new color....Wythe Blue.

The color accents our lights beautifully.

 Dining room looking into kitchen.

Living room with splotch of new color on top of old.

Living room color is Palladian Blue. It's the lighter shade of the dining room.

Living room with the splotches and yucky white wall.

And the done room! Love it!


  1. Beautiful, like a sunny day in work so hard to make your house a home.

  2. WAHT A MAKEOVER !! I love blue, too, and repainted our kitchen cabinets a blue. Your house is so peaceful. Your new profile picture is amazing, too. Are there moments, days, when you KNOW we are right in the palm of God's hand?

  3. Becky, love the new color! Everything looks lovely, you really know how to make a house a home.



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