Monday, June 4, 2012

Camp out Cook out

We have been having some amazingly fun weekends. The kind of weekend that leaves me dead tired on Mon. morning. The I need a weekend from my weekend kind of fun. The weather is still a bit rainy and cool but it's getting nicer and that means we head outdoors!

This past weekend our fabulous friends Vern and Cheryl (or Cereal as Sis calls her) invited us to join them at their campsite. We live in a beautiful area and the drive was spectacular. Water and islands and huge bridges and green pastures and forests and mountains! Oh My!

The campground is an old Fort for the military. The kids loved exploring the old concrete bunkers. Me? Nope.

The Fort is perched right on a bluff overlooking the water. Beautiful.

We hiked a luscious trail down to the beach and played. We LOVE the beach! There was no wind and it was majestic and peaceful. I could have sat there all day. The sound of the waves rolling in puts me in a relaxation trance.....not often I can find that kind of relaxation.
Then it was bonfire and hot dog time....followed by s'mores....of course.

We got home that night really late. We were all exhausted from such a good time. We flopped into bed smelling smoky from the campfire. I love that smell!

Thank you to Cheryl for all these pics! I didn't take my camera down to the beach.


  1. I love that fort. It is a beautiful spot. Looks like fun and makes me want to beach camp!

  2. I love the fact, I have figured out that I want to be on the beach when I come to the end of my journey. Love the photos and all that memory-making that you do with your children will stay with them their whole lives. Excellent!

  3. Love it! You look fabulous and fabulously happy!



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