Monday, December 24, 2012

Bad Germs

After a wonderful birthday we came home and plopped into bed.

About an hour after George had gone to sleep I heard the dreaded sound....of vomit. UGH!! I ran downstairs to see him sitting up in bed and getting sick into the carpet. UGH!! Cam came down, we cleaned him up, tried to clean the carpet up and went to bed.

Just after midnight when it was no longer my birthday I woke to the sounds of Cam in the bathroom....gagging. UGH! As I sat up to check on him I was hit by a giant wave of nausea.

Seriously? How, how, how, could we possibly get this at THE same time? How??? We spent the night ill, ill, ill. In the morning we kept all the kids home from school and Cam called in sick to work...again. By daylight we were just left with very achy bodies, headaches and no energy.

We told Mr. P he was in charge and to give everyone cereal for breakfast...and then lunch...and then a snack. We took showers and climbed back into bed joined by George for a long nap.

Just before dinnertime I discovered my friend had left a big crockpot of soup on the porch for us. I was so happy I cried! Seriously. We all ate delicious soup for dinner and turned in early.

The next day was Friday and I sent Busy Guy to school. He was dying to go back. The others I kept home....waiting for the next bomb to drop. And...Cam went to work.

All day Mr. P felt queasy and just before bed he got it. But, it seemed to lessen in strength. He was sick once and went to bed. He woke up hungry and happy. Praise God!

I held my breath waiting for the last two kids....but nothing! Yeah!! We have decided that Sis is an alien....or a cylon. She NEVER gets sick. And Tuba...well by the grace of God he was spared.

I bet you are tired of hearing about this. Me too. I've finally gotten all the sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, sleeping bags, clothes, bowls, carpet and toys clean. Be gone germ...and don't come again...ya hear!


  1. So sorry. I had that kick when my oldest was having a slumber party...fortunately for me I got to send 6 of the sickies home (to their own families) the next morning!! Yes, thanks to your dear friend and I am so sorry this happened your birthday week.



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