Monday, April 5, 2010

Holy Week

Christ Is Risen! Indeed He Is Risen!

Last year we took a family photo on Holy Friday and I thought it would be a good tradition. Go here to see how much everyone has grown.
Holy Friday Lamentations Service. The boys did such a nice job holding their candles.
Holy Saturday morning.

My new Easter coat! The weather is terrible...rainy, windy and freezing cold. So...I got a new coat:) Love it!
My sweet boys are spiffed up and ready for the Pascha service to begin.
Photo opportunity. Sis is in pj's since it's 10:00 pm and she will soon go downstairs and go to bed. We set up portable cribs in a Sunday School room and then take turns sitting downstairs with them.
Baby George at the Children's Festival on Sunday. So much fun!!!

We had a wonderful and very busy Holy Week and Pascha (Easter). Today I'm sitting at home in my sweats and relaxing. Well actually, trying to catch up with laundry and getting the house back in order too.

Holy Week is Tuba's favorite week of the whole year. It's his Christmas times 1000! Tuba attended all 14 services during Holy Week. Yes, that's 14 in one week! And..he loved every minute of it. It was a long and hard week for Cam and I. Holding toddlers, chasing toddlers, entertaining toddlers in so many services can be challenging. Some of the services I stayed home with the little ones. But in spite of it being hard and my back being sore I have many wonderful memories from the week. Here's my list of Holy Week favorites:
Kissing the icons with Sis.

Baby George shouting, "Jesus Owie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" when he saw Jesus on the cross.

Busy Guy sleeping on the floor Holy Friday night.

Tuba standing holding his candle.

Mr. P telling me that he loves Holy Week and most of all loves Pascha.

Hearing Busy Guy recount the story of Jesus' crucifixion.

Tuba rocking out and "banging his head" to Christ Is Risen From The Dead. Next year I vow to get a video. It's everyone's favorite!

Baby George pointing to our friend Mary in the choir and calling out to her, "Mar, Mar" so she would come hold him.

Mr. P standing and staying awake the whole Pascha service this year. He's getting so big! He was so determined and so proud. The service starts at 10:00 pm and finishes up around 1:00 am. Then we head downstairs to celebrate and break bread...or should I say meat and cheese after the long fast. He stayed up for the whole thing!

Seeing my kids all be anointed with Holy Oil at the Unction Service.

Hearing Tuba sing all of the Holy Week hymns all day long....every day...all the way to church...and all the way home.

Getting to stand in the Pascha service and hold my hubby's hand...thanks to our friend Teri who took turns with us watching the little ones. Thanks Teri!!!

Jumping in the bouncy house at the children's festival with my girlfriends. The kids were SO excited to have a bunch of mommies in there with them. Too fun! And...I've been laughing all day since one of the husbands claimed we gave new meaning to the term "bouncy house". LOL. Is he trying to say we jiggled???

Drinking lemon drops on Pascha. Yummy!

Another Pascha done and gone. Such an intense week following an intense Lenten season. Loved it all.

Christ Is Risen! Indeed He Is Risen!


  1. sounds busy!! great memories. "jesus owie!!" too funny!!

  2. He is risen indeed! I enjoy reading how others celebrate Easter a bit differently from us (Lutherans) but still celebrating the resurrection! Alleluia! I also enjoy hearing about Tuba's successes as we have a daughter with SNs. I don't post often but I read faithfully!

    Carrie - mom to 4 adopted from Korea

  3. Sounds wonderful! You all look so pretty! Love your Easter coat!

  4. It was a wonderful week! Loved your recap in pictures. I'm sorry I missed out on you girls bouncing!!



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