Monday, October 28, 2013

Tooth Palooza

The kids have lost four teeth in the past four weeks. Eeeks! The Tooth Fairy is working overtime....and if you remember from past posts....that Tooth Fairy is a little lame. 

Sis lost her first tooth. She is ecstatic!!!! I'm sad!! My baby!

The Tooth Fairy actually came on the first night that the tooth was out. I wrote her a BIG note AND set an alarm for her to remember. Sheesh! 

Sis was so thrilled with her $3.00. She wanted to buy a Barbie Camper. Hmmmmm.....she only needs another $147.00. 

I took her to the Dollar Store today. I've never been into a dollar store. New experience....I didn't realize that EVERYTHING in the store is actually $1.00. Wow! 

Sis was so happy to buy three items!! She chose two Barbies (fake Barbie dolls that will surely lose all their hair in about two hours flat), and a packet of Barbie stationary with stickers and rubber stamps. She's been playing all afternoon. So fun! 

1 comment:

  1. God she is gorgeous! Even toothless, lol.



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