Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Slice

Outside My Window - A calm day at sea. I'm sitting on my bed nursing a bad sore throat. I've got two kids home today also sick. The weather is pleasant. Not too cold....not too cloudy but not bring sun either and no wind. I can see a few boats and some birds soaring above the beach.

From The Kitchen - Chicken soup will be on tonight's menu. I have the chicken defrosting but need to gather the energy to go make the soup. It's my go-to dinner when we have colds and sore throats. I have a nice loaf of garlic french bread to make toast for dipping.

I Am Wearing -
Grey sweats, purple T-shirt, bare feet tucked into my bed covers....wet hair and no make-up. It's a sick day uniform...I'd switch to pj pants and no bra but I still have to pick up George at school this afternoon.

I Am Creating -
A fun basket for our kids' school carnival. We are doing a Minion/Despicable Me basket. So many fun items have been donated. It's going to look really cute all put together.

I Am Going - To work on plans for Tuba's graduation party. Woot! So fun....and I cannot believe he is already at this point! We will have grandparents coming to the ceremony and then family and friends coming over for a party. I want the food to be easy and fun....cheese/meat trays, rolls, fruit, chips, and maybe cupcakes! 

I Am Reading -
For Book Club we are reading The Boys In The Boat; Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics It's good....but it's big and it's not a quick read. I'm enjoying it but I'm not ecstatic about it. 

I Am Planning - I've hired a sitter for some regular hours this summer. I'm very excited. We worked out a schedule and at least one day a week she will come for about four hours. I can plan the kids' appointments, shopping, errands, etc. during this time. It will be SO nice to get things done and not bring all the kids with me. It's one of the really hard parts of summer when everyone is home. I can also take one kid at a time for some great One-on-One time. Also, I booked some Sat. night date nights with my love!! Yeah!

Around The House - Things are in a disarray. Being sick is one of the hardest parts of being an adult...and having young children. There is no such thing as "taking a day off". I have to do at least the minimum which is make meals, clean up meals, wash dishes, wash laundry, drive kids, monitor kids. I don't like things around the house so messy/dirty but I'll get to it later.

One Of My Favorite Things - Every year for Mother's Day the kids and Cam give me flowers for my pots. We go together and pick out the plants and then the kids (some of them) help me decide where to put them and plant them. The pots look so pretty. I love to watch them grow and fill in. I have two large pots in front of our front steps and then three big pots on the back deck. 

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week -
Book Club tonight if I feel any better. School Carnival on Friday.....please let us ALL feel better by then. The weekend is promising sunshine and I'd love to get out and enjoy a picnic.

A Picture Thought I'm Sharing -

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