Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mr. P Tween

This might be the last blog post about Mr. P before he is taller than me. It's VERY close. He is growing so tall and looking so much like a young man. Oh my heart. 

He is loving middle school and doing very well....both socially and academically. Report cards are coming next week and it's looking like all A's. Very nice! 

He might like a girl. I wouldn't know because he has stopped telling me those sorts of things. It is killing me. Bah! But, I've been reassured by other moms of boys that he will once again share things with me. 

We are nearing the end of basketball season. Mr. P played in a select league this year and it's been SO MUCH FUN. We love watching the games. That's a good thing too since it's our entire social life. There are regularly 2-4 games every weekend. Mr. P has worked hard on his skills this season and it's paid off. He is playing really well. He can be fierce! His team is a fun group of guys, plus the parents are great too. 

There are changes in my little boy. He is doing lots of eye rolling and tells me "I know" to just about everything I say. That is annoying and hard and I deeply regret all the times I did that to my parents. Really. It pushes my buttons when he gets all teenagey and persnickety. I guess that's his job...and it's my job to be annoyed. 

But, I see other changes too. I see maturity. I see him making changes in negative behavior towards siblings. I see growth in his heart. I see an inkling of the teen and man he will become.


  1. That is just a wonderful pictures (you have the photo-talent, I've mentioned that before) of really great young tween. I can hardly wait to see the man he is bound to become. Glad he finds Middle school a positive experience and I imagine he will carry that into high school, too. (Yes, sigh, I find that having children of all ages has made me very aware of my own behavior(s) to my parents and my own parenting "oopsies", being a grandma gives me a bit of a second chance)

  2. I don't mind the eye rolling ...well, not from Grandkids anyway :-)
    Great post about Mr. P, and glad his grades are good. He's a sweetie! I love him!!! XOXOXOXO



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