Saturday, February 13, 2016

Moses Grade 4

I recently read THIS old post about Moses...back when I called him Busy Guy. He is still that inquisitive and helpful boy. 

I remember when he started Kindergarten and I was so surprised that he wasn't wiggly or noisy or silly at school. Instead he was the perfect student and actually got annoyed at the other kids when they disrupted his learning. 

I was subbing the other day at the kids' school. At lunch in the teacher's lounge the teacher that led Moses's Robotics said the nicest thing to me. He asked me something like (I can't remember the exact words) how I raised such a great kid....saying that Moses is kind and helpful and quick to jump in and problem solve. It was a humbling thing to hear and really I don't have an answer other than to agree. Moses is all of those things. He is such a great kid!

Speaking of Lego Robotics. The team did very well at competition! They went to semi finals at the state level. The were the top finisher out of all the teams in our school district. Moses is hoping to be a part of the team next year too.

Moses's report card is full of high marks in all areas...including compliments from his teacher on his attitude and character. That means a lot to Cam and I.

Moses is finishing up his indoor soccer season. This was his first time playing indoor and he loved it. He is thinking he will play Flag Football for spring.

I have such glee in my heart when I think of this boy's future. I know it's going to be bright.


  1. He is such a good kid - smart, kind, gentle with little ones and helpful, helpful! I agree with the teacher's questions - not the "how did you?" part but the "you did this and what an amazing kid". We are all, friends, family, school-mates, church family, every, so lucky to have him here!

  2. Moses is a wonderful boy! I'm very proud of him ...what a sweetie! I Love him XOXOXOXO



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