Sunday, March 13, 2016

Lent Is Here

Tonight is our Forgiveness Vespers Service and Lent begins. But, first some photos and thoughts about our new parish. 

We are settling in nicely. The boys were asked right away to serve on the altar. They are enjoying it and the priest told me that he is very impressed with them. That was nice to hear. 

The kids have made new friendships and look forward to seeing them on Sundays. 

Cam and I are meeting people and trying to remember names and learn about each family. We also have old friends in the parish and for that I'm grateful. 

I am missing many families and friends from our old parish. I miss the familiarity of the space too.

But, this has been a good move.

Lent begins for us Orthodox Christians tonight. We are repeating what we did with the kids last year. So, no screen time. Cam and I will check email but will stay off all social media. No TV. Maybe an occasional family movie night. And I will blog. 

Fasting in earnest begins too. We eat a vegan/vegetarian diet. I gave the kids my standard, "It's Lent and the food will not our favorite meals". Really they do well once we get started. And I have some new recipes to try out. But, it can get boring....that's the point. 

More worship time, more prayer, less focus on food, increased almsgiving. That's Lent. 

Here we go. 


  1. Great photos and I'm so happy that you all like the new Parish. I'm looking forward to Lent this year, maybe you can all come over for a special Lenten dinner ...I’ve been practicing on different vegan dinners and have some yummy ones to share.

  2. Thank you for this posting - it is alwaysgood to have answers for the "unasked questions" that slip by. I have been meaning to ask how things are going with the new Parish and it seems the adjustment(s) are going well. They are so fortunate to have your family with it's alter prep background and understanding of the rites and music. I am glad you will be continuing your blog.



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