Monday, March 7, 2016

Spring is Coming

Spring is in the's here...well, it's coming. I'm in love with the color yellow right now. It's happy, and bright and SPRING!! 

This time of year I get itching to get outside! We are between sporting seasons so we have SO MUCH EXTRA time to play. We spent last weekend hanging out. It was the first weekend since early November that we didn't attend games. 

I have an extra 15+ hours a week right now with no practices and no games. I'm enjoying every minute of it. I'm cleaning, exercising more and I just finished the taxes! Yeah!!

Sis is so happy every day to come home from school and just play. Nicer weather has meant lots of outdoor time playing hide and seek, soccer, basketball or just running with the dog. 

George finished up his ball season. He really loved it. Whatever sport he is playing at the time becomes his favorite sport. He is starting back at TKD with Cam this week. George is eager to continue on to his black belt. He's got a wicked side kick!

I got to attend Mr. P's middle school honor roll breakfast. It was awesome! Each student got up and said either what they have learned this year or a goal they have for themselves. The answers were so varied but all inspiring! My boy said, "I have learned how to get along with people I don't know very well and people I don't like". Wow! I loved that. Sounds like he's ready for real life. Cam and I tell this same thing to our kids and it sounds like the lesson has made an impact. 

We just love hanging around reading books too. Moses is a nut! Tuba is making an odd face in the photo but he's having fun on his iPad drawing. 

Tuba has finished his job at the local pizza place and began working at the food bank. The have him sort the food. One day he had to bag dog food. He hated it and kept saying, "Ewwww!". I food is stinky. He's pretty funny when he doesn't want to do a task he nicely says, "no thank you". 

And you know It's A Dog's Life...especially with Spring in the air. Rocket is being a very good boy. No more potty accidents. Not too much barking at the cat...still kind of bad. He loves to play and go for walks and let's Kali chase him.

Coming up....Lent!!! It's that time of year. And Flag Football for two of our kids. And Moses's birthday is coming AND St. Patrick's Day. And there are weeds to pull and grass to mow and things to get ready for SPRING. Woot!


  1. Lovely time of year. so fun toi see Cam out mowing the lawn - and the kids practicing outside! But not today - wet, rainy- but lots of bright light that even the clouds can't take away. Glad that TKD is starting. Glad the family is having fun.

  2. Great post! Love Sis's hat. You should write a book! You're a great writer. And so proud of Mr P!



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