Thursday, March 24, 2016

Moses is Double Digits!

My sweet baby is 10!! Double digits! Woot! 
He was really excited for this birthday. He celebrated with a party. Five friends plus our family went swimming at a local pool, then had pizza and rooter floats and it was a sleep over! 

I tell ya...the older the kids get the easier the birthday parties are. Boy/food/video games=easy party. 

Then on the actual birthday, which is also St. Patrick's Day, he woke up to a decorated dining room, green shamrock pancakes....with mini chocolate chips and bacon!

And something new to wear.

That night we had nachos and ice cream pie for dinner. No more Irish dinner since the birthday boy picks the dinner. 

Happy Birthday to my awesome Moses! You are an amazing boy. You are smart and kind and determined. You are polite. You are curious about things and quickly figure out how they work. You are an excellent student. You are a super brother to your siblings. You are an early riser...often up an hour before anyone else. You are a great've got some moves! You are breathtakingly handsome. You make me so proud. I love you!

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  1. Where did the time go? He's decade old! With all the qualities that you mentioned. And I love his "sports outfit" - no "not seeing" him when he's shoot hoops or practicing soccer or any other sport you can think of. Love and hugs and here's to a great year!



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