Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Bonding Moment

I don't think I ever wrote about our family's audiobook bonding moment from last summer. We listened to Where The Red Fern Grows on audiobook. We started the book on our way to our annual summer vacation at the ocean.

I knew the book had a sad ending but I had never read it. None of my kids had ever read it either. Plus, we are a dog loving family so we were all excited to hear it.

The story was very good. It was fascinating to hear about a time and place unfamiliar to us. We had just gotten a new puppy and our kids were in love with him just like the boy in the book.

On the way home from vacation we were at the end of the story and were all listening intently. When the dogs died I was a mess. I wasn't simply shedding a tear...I was sobbing. I was bawling and blowing my nose kind of cry. I wondered if everyone else was as moved as I was. I tentatively looked over at Cam who was driving. He had a long tear streak rolling down his face. Then I turned my head to peer into the back seats of the van. Mr. P and Moses had red rimmed eyes, red noses and tears rolling. George was sobbing silently. Tuba looked sad as he could sense the tension and mood around him.

All of this only made me cry harder. It was a real family boo-hoo session.

About 10 minutes after the story ended we were all talking about the book and Sis pipes up with, "What?! The dogs died??". Oh my, in true Sis fashion she was in her own world and missed the most important part of the book. She missed our tear shedding scene. She gave us all a good laugh after our good cry.


  1. OK ...I'm never going to read that book. Don't like sad endings :-(
    "A real family boo-hoo session" made me LOL :-| , just a funny way of wording it I guess.

  2. I burst out laughing at your description of the missed "family boo-hoo" and today, a laugh was exactly what I needed. Yep, we need all of those emotions.



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