Friday, April 1, 2016

Kairos in Spring

Spring is in full swing. It's beautiful! It's a full on Kairos opportunity.

I enjoy and appreciate the beauty of Spring a little bit more each year. I notice more each year older I get.

I love hearing the birds chirping. I can hear them before the sun is even up. When I take the dogs out to potty in the morning I like to stand still in the yard and listen to all the chatter of birds. I have several bird feeders up and I get so excited to see the birds at them. I can't wait to see my first yellow finch of the year! I've also noticed crows flying with twigs in their beaks. They are shoring up their nests for Spring time chicks.

This year the frogs have been very loud. I adore them! There are places in the neighborhood where the congregate and as I walk past I like to stand and listen. It's funny though if I get too close they all stop. Once I move on they begin the croaking again.

I enjoy looking at the trees and bushes and flowers sending out new buds and blooming. Everything bloomed early this year so we have had a lot to enjoy.

Kids are playing outside more, especially since it's light out until almost bedtime. It's nice to sit on my deck and watch my kids run and play. I also like to hear the sounds of other kids in yards up and down the street out playing. I don't have toddlers any more so appreciate the neighbor kids who are. Even when they are pitching a fit in true toddler fashion I enjoy it. Is that evil of me?! Hey, I've experienced plenty of those moments and am far enough away from them that I do think it's funny again.

The dogs are happy to find sunshine to curl up in...even if it's on top of the picnic table. Sheesh Rocket! I don't know how I'll break that bad habit. He also stands up on it so he can look in the window and say, "HEY, ya gonna let me inside now?!". Stinker!

The kids are growing by leaps and bounds. Spring is the season of high water pants. I think everyone needs new pants but I always just wait it out until summer when they give up pants for shorts. Even their pj pants are all looking like capri length pants.

Deck time has begun. It's been warm enough to sit out on the sofa and soak up some sun. Soon the rest of the furniture will come out. It's on of my favorite places.

So many warmer weather things to look forward to...and so much to enjoy right now.


  1. I recorded the frog songs a week ago. I will send it to your phone! Yes, spring around here is lovely. I have made a quick stop for coffee on my way to Olympia and Mount Rainier is huge and pink and beautiful! No clouds to clothe it this morning. I love seeing the kids outside and even though you are so busy-busy-busy with your family and work, I am so happy you can take the Kairos moments.

  2. I too love the spring! Love the flowers and cherry blossom trees. Don't love so much the cute little green frog who moved into the flower box on the deck, it scared the life out of me.



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