Monday, April 4, 2016

Weekend Warmup

We just spent the weekend at Mr. P's basketball tournament. Really fun to see his team play again!! The games were a 40 min. drive and there were games Friday, Saturday and Sunday....5 games in all. The kids were troopers about it. Cam had to work the first two days so I was on my own. Just me, the tribe (including both dogs) and my big white bus. Oh, and my bag-o-tricks. 

It's easier in many ways to travel with the kids now that they are big kids. But, there are also harder the amount of food and snacks to bring....and water....and entertainment. And keeping kids from bickering. Ugh. And, nobody sleeps in the car anymore. Ever. Bummer. 

To prepare for the trip I downloaded some new audiobooks on my phone. We love to listen to books on long drives. It keeps the van quiet and keeps the peace. This trip we listened to Flora and Ulysses...a very funny book about a Super Hero Squirrel and a girl named Flora. I plug my phone into the van's audio system so everyone can hear the book. It's really fun. 

We also packed soccer balls, a football and George brought a book. As a side note he is reading Shiloh. It's a 4th grade reading level. Wow! He is a reading machine. I wondered if it would be too hard for him to read. Nope, he is reading and comprehending it well. It's a sad book in the beginning and he was very moved by the story. 

I packed a ton of snacks. Trail mix, fruit, crackers, and huge bottles of water for each person. And most important of all treats for the ride home. An incentive (bribe) to keep everyone behaving kindly all day long. Don't works for me. Oreos have magical powers. 

Saturday and Sunday there were games in the morning and then again later in the afternoon. We went to lunch and then played on the grass enjoying the sun.

On Sunday we were thrilled to have Cam with us. The tournament was fun...I've missed watching basketball this last month. I've missed the basketball family of kids and parents! Tuba had a blast! He loves whooping it up and cheering. He actually cheers for both teams. Anytime the crowd gets loud he follows along. 

And everyone was excited to get home. They ran around and played with the hose and water guns. It was a balmy 70 degrees which to kids means it's blisteringly hot outside. 

Following up on a fun and busy weekend....we are on Spring break this week. We are going to be taking day trips and enjoying the outdoors and places close to home. 


  1. I am always impresssed with your ability to manage your family - planning is vital, this I know, and the concept of audio books is simply brilliant!! Spring Break is coming - Enjoy!!

  2. Listening to audio books on long drives is a great idea. Wish audio books, movies, and hand held devices were available for our long trips to Wyoming when you were young. Technology is a wonder thing!



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