Saturday, September 10, 2016


Our tradition at the end of vacation is to stay half way home at this fun hotel! We love the pool! 

The weather wasn't super nice but the pool was nice and warm and the kids were excited to play. 
Sis had just finished a round of swim lessons and had told me that she could swim. I wasn't sure exactly if she could really swim. 

She assured me she could do it. She had been wearing a life vest all summer but she got into the hot tub and showed me how she could swim across it. Wow! 

So I had her get into the pool and show me again. She did it! Within 30 minutes she went from swimming along the edge to swimming across the deep end.

She was so proud to be a swimmer! 

Within an hour I convinced her that she could jump in and swim to the side. She had so much fun!

Yeah for having all the kids swimming!! 



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