Sunday, November 20, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween fell on a Monday. Seriously?! That has to be the worst day for Halloween. I'd support an initiative to move Halloween to the last Saturday of October. 

But, regardless....we dressed up and had fun! Cam worked so I was a one woman show.

In past years I've required the kids to stay under a $10 costume budget. This year I felt generous so I upped it to $20. Sis immediately found this gorgeous dress on sale. She was so excited! 

She looked gorgeous! Elsa from Frozen!!

George had the two costume Halloween. He wore the Army suit to school. He loves this outfit and accessories it with Cam's Army days items....hat and compass. 

My mom made me a costume! How fun is that?! I love my Dorothy dress...and SHOES!
I attended all three of the elementary kids' parties. 

After school we regroup and head to our neighborhood party. King Tuba went to Grandma's house to have dinner and help her and Grandpa pass out candy. He had a blast!

I love this kid! He found this "biker" kit when shopping for costumes. It cracks me up! He ROCKED the look!

This is George's scary costume that he wore for Trick or Treating. 

Mr. P had basketball tryouts after school and didn't join us until after dinner. He quickly changed into his costume. How handsome is he? I love it that he still wanted to dress up. 

We went out trick or treating for about an hour and then headed home to get out of costumes and into bed by 8:00. Phew! It was a long and fun and SUGARY day.
How much candy would you guess we collected? 4 kids going door to door for just under an hour. 


40 lbs.! Yikes!! The kids are VERY mad that we took it all away after letting them take a small piece in their lunch each day for the rest of the school week. 

Oh well, it's my job. I keep it tied up in a bag and put it up on a high shelf. I bring it out for movie nights or other treats. Or when I need a pick me up. Shhhh....don't tell!


  1. Tuba had a great time passing out pkgs of popcorn and the kids' costumes (and YOURS) were just so very neat! And yes, I would vote for "the last Sat in October" -

  2. I LOVE the costumes! They’re all great, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sis's hair!!! You're nicer than I was, I didn't let you go trick-or-treating :-| ...sugar is bad for you :-)



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