Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Sis has asked me several times over the years about getting her ears pierced. I have always told her that she can get it done whenever she is ready. He next question has always been, "does it hurt". I'm all about telling the truth so I've told her it does hurt for a second...kind of like a shot. At that point she would always decide to wait a bit longer. 

During soccer season she announced she was ready to have it done. But....since the ears have to heal and you cannot wear earrings in games we had to wait a bit longer. She was a good sport and waited until the season was over. 

Finally the day came. Sis was nervous and quiet but steadfast. A rock. Seriously brave.

She didn't even flinch and of course no tears! 

She loves them and cannot wait for them to heal so she can change earrings.  Oh my....what a beauty. 


  1. She is truly a beauty, inside and out!

  2. I made her oldest aunty (Danae) wait until she was 12...and she backed out once then decided to do it and hen let them grow together....your sweetheart did great! (I wanted until my second child (your husband was born!



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