Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tool Time

Busy Guy got his nickname because....well...he's BUSY! He gets into everything. If it's quiet we know something bad is going on. We've Busy Guy proofed the house as best we can but many a day he finds something to get into to. He has boundless energy...just like his Papa.
This week we are having our old wrought iron railing replaced (story on that to come later) with a custom built wooden one. The carpenter, Clary who built our bookcases is back working on the railing. Busy Guy was fascinated. He ran to get his tool belt and tools to assist with the job. He spent 5 hours...yes 5...helping Clary on Monday. We were afraid he was in the way and tried to coax him away. He bawled his eyes out. Clary assured us that he was fine and that he needed his help. Busy Guy sorted through Clary's tool box, touched ALL the tools and had a great time. Clary was so kind and gentle with him....and patient beyond belief! They had snack time together too as Busy Guy would seek double the snacks and then go offer half to Clary. Busy Guy was enraptured with all the tools and the compressor. He sat on the steps playing with nuts and bolts and helping. He never left Clary's side! They have worked together 2 days now and there is one more day's work when the roads clear of snow. This morning Busy Guy wanted to know where Clary was. He's eagerly awaiting his return. Clary is a saint...especially to our Busy Guy.

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