Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bikes and more

One of the best things about our new neighborhood is that the kids get to ride bikes and scooters. They have been loving it! We live on a quiet street and there are lots of neighborhood kids out riding and playing all day. Busy Guy was apprehensive to try his bike. He was awesome at the scooter so he could keep up with the big kids just fine. Scooter boy!
I do have to say it is a leap of faith for me to let the kids ride without me right there. Cam has given me the "they are fine" talk a few times. It is great independence for them to ride and play without a hovering mother. :) They do have limits and can only ride on our street where I can see them if I need to. They do ride to their friends' house too with permission. The boys look out for each other too. Some great life experience and life lessons being learned this summer!
Mr. P loves to ride his bike. In fact he is eating me out of house and home because he rides all day and burns so many calories.
The kids and I take lots of walks. The little ones are anxious to ride bikes and scooters too!
We finally convinced Busy Guy to try his bike. Here's Cam getting him set up.
He literally just rode off! No push, no try! He was so proud of himself!! He is a riding machine! He has a new bike now (since I'm still so behind) and I'll post those pics soon. :) Soon is a relative word.


  1. The freedom of riding a bike is almost like the freedom a young bird must feel when it masters flying. I LOVED my bike and rode Thanks for the updates. Oh, Becky, are you getting a bike, too?

  2. Ooo, riding bikes is the best! Did the kids already have friends in the neighborhood or are they making new friends?

  3. I love these pictures, espcially the group shot so cute and such great kids you have!

  4. Love the photos ...especially the one of where they’re all hugging - so sweet.



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