Monday, August 8, 2011

Tuba is 15

Sweet Tuba is 15! He is growing so fast this summer. He is VERY close to my height now...and weighs in at about 105 lbs. He had his favorite breakfast....mmmmm.

For his birthday we got him a new firepit for the back yard. Our firebug was thrilled!! We had a bonfire and roasted smores. We had a great time. Cam told the kids some stories. Ghost stories do I describe them....ghost stories turned potty humor? Yes. They start out with dark woods and creaking noises and then end with the scary noises being revealed as an old lady farting! Yep. The kids laugh hysterically...and me too. I'm sure the neighbors wonder who the heck moved to the neighborhood. We are LOUD! We laughed until a couple of us fell out of our chairs. :)


  1. Ah...the potty jokes continue. What a time honored tradition. So glad you had a grrreeeaaat time!

  2. Happy Birthday to Tuba! 15...I can't believe it



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