Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer nights

Another of my favorite things about our house is sitting on the front porch. We sit out in the morning and eat blueberries and get warmed by the sun. I'm sure all the neighbors love to see us in our pj's. :) At night we like to watch the boys ride bikes. I love my front porch!
*Note: check out Sis's outfit. She comes up with some colorful creations. :) She also changes her clothes so many times a day that she now has a lock on her closet. :O
Sis will be off and riding soon. Yikes! She's checking out the scooter...which is as big as she is and probably weighs more.
Hmmmm.....this looks fun!


  1. Well, I guess we know what the first "outside" building project will expand the front porch! (But you probably enjoy your back deck, too. So nice to have choices.

  2. Love love love the new house ...and so nice the kids have a place to ride their scotters and bikes. By the way Sis's outfits! LOL

  3. Love it! And the outfits too!

  4. My little girls did the same thing :) Your family looks so happy. Enjoy Fall !!



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