Monday, August 8, 2011

One More...

One more birthday to complete the birthday season! Cam turned 43!! Woot! We went out for dinner to celebrate his special day. We call ourselves The Restaurant Lepers. You should see people's reaction when we come in the front door. You can see them thinking...oh please don't sit by me. We have had people say no to the hostess when they are being seated near us too. Sheesh...without even giving us a chance. We have also had many people come and tell us how great our kids were!! But, we do get nervous when we go out someplace a bit nicer than the usual. It was a special occasion so we risked it.
We went to a favorite local Italian place and sat out on the patio. It was a beautiful sunny day. We had yummy dessert (which you can see on BG's face). And then we walked along the marina and looked at the boats. The kids were very good and we all had a nice time. BG did fall and skin his knees. Poor baby. The picture cracks me up though....he's holding his shorts up so it won't touch the owie.
Happy Birthday to my amazing sweet hard working and loving husband! We love you!!

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  1. I love these pictures and yes, you are done with your families BDs until December...oh, wait, I have a birthday next week! Bwaaahhaahhaaa...(the sound of nme laughing, not crying)



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