Monday, February 27, 2012

Kairos Time

It's Great Lent. Time to slow down and focus more on God.

I did something hard. Something big. Something scary. I vowed to sign off of FB for Lent. Whooo! I think I'm addicted (I know I am) to the Internet. I LOVE my iPhone. Love. It has made my life easier. But, it also gives me 24/7 instant Internet contact. I love FB. I think it fun. I enjoy keeping up with family and friends. The sharing of ideas and triumphs and woes and laughs. And the photos. Love the sharing of photos. But, I've been spending too much time on FB. I get worried that I'll miss something in somebody's life. I check it a bunch of times a day. I walk around the house all day with my phone. Yikes, that's a scary confession. Sad but true. I don't want my kids to remember me with my face and attention away from them and focused on FB. Nope.

Breathe. I need to breathe and get my face out of a computer screen (or iPhone). How ironic that I'm typing all of this while staring at a screen. Ha! But, writing is good for me. It lets some of the swirly crowded thoughts in my head out....helps me breathe. So for Lent I'll be off FB but I will be writing on my blog. So, if you have BIG news or a HUGE catastrophe...please call me, email or just drop by for an old fashion cup of coffee and company. Please do. I'll miss all the FB updates.

I wrote in my last post about Kairos. I want to notice more Kairos moments. It helps to get through the Chronos time. Here's the wikipedia definition:

Kairos (καιρός) is an ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment (the supreme moment). The ancient Greeks had two words for time, chronos and kairos. While the former refers to chronological or sequential time, the latter signifies a time in between, a moment of indeterminate time in which something special happens. What the special something is depends on who is using the word. While chronos is quantitative, kairos has a qualitative nature.

See what I mean? Kairos. I have another way of describing Kairos moments. It's like seeing God. There is a great country song I heard on the radio. I don't know the name...sorry. Anyway the guy sings about how he saw God today. For example when he sees his newborn daughter. Seeing God. This is what I'm aiming for in Lent. I have a gratitude journal that I've used off and on for about a decade. I'm going to record some of the Kairos moments each day. I'll post some Kairos moments on here too.

I'm looking up and out and not at my screen so I can notice God's beauty and love.

Kairos moments today

1. Holding Baby George on my lap after he just woke up. He was all warm and snugly. I was looking at the strawberry blond hairs along his hairline and the way the sunlight lit them up. Beautiful.

2. While driving through town I saw two eagles soaring together above the trees. Majestic.

3. My sweet dog Kali "smiling" and the kids giggling at her. Tickled

These are the tiny snippets in my day that fill me with joy and God's love. What were your Kairos moments today?


  1. Becky,
    Great post! And nice toes too! :)
    The main reason I "loathe" FB is because of the way I feel like I am missing out on something if I don't check it regularly. I am afraid I will be out of the loop on things. And I hate that feeling! Going on a 10 day vacation was great, specifically to be away from technology!
    Just don't give up blogging!
    BTW...Sam and I will try and make it over this Lent to see Fr. David. It will be great to see you in person too and not just on here! :)

  2. I love the concept of "Kairos Time" - I spent my K-Time yesterday with my 89 yr old mother putting flowers on Grampa's Grave, remember good times, and laughing. It is good to be firineds with one's parent and I feel, more and more, the time shift that happens when one of us is 68 and the other 89.

  3. Sorry, my arthritic fingers need to be watched before posting all those sill, unnecessary letters within words.

  4. Love it! I miss you on FB, but I should be giving it up right along with you for the very same reasons.



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