Friday, February 17, 2012

Kitchen Paint

Okay, this is major change!! From the moment we first looked at our new house I hated really disliked the deep red paint. It's just not me. Too dark. Plus, the ceiling was also red! Horrible!! The thought of priming and painting the kitchen had me trembling with fear. It would be so much work.

Then something wonderful happened. My friend Lynnette sent me a lovely card and a gift certificate worth 4 hours of painting. She had won it at an auction and felt led to give it to me. She had just seen the red room! Thanks Lynnette!!

So finally I called the painting gal and got going! It is an amazing transformation. It took her 16 hours to do the job. So thankful it wasn't me....which would have been more like 60 hours.

We also got new windows in the kitchen just before the painting was done. From this first pic you can see a shelf and cabinet on the wall. I took them all down. Did. Not. Like. Them.

 It is amazing!! Such a difference!! Light, bright and the room is somehow bigger! I love it beyond all comprehension! There is a little strip at top of door trim that I have to touch up today...and...then....I'm going to pick a color for the dining room! You can see a bit of the dining room color in one of these photos. It's goldy brightness that has to go. I'll be painting that room soon. So fun.


  1. It is interesting that a buttery lighter shade makes your kitchen appear so much warmer! It is lovely in the photos and lovely in person.

  2. I love, love, love it. You were right as usual. I think the look on the little guy's face says it all, lol. Enjoy!

  3. Wow, that looks great! I love it! (And I initial was a fan of the red paint)



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