Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Love this holiday

Valentine's Day. My FAVORITE!!! I love it!
We have a tradition of having Valentine Dinner our pj's. This year I noticed that the kids pj's were getting worn out. I decided I'd get us all new ones for our special dinner.
The kids and Cam bought me the beautiful yellow plant. Love that!
I often hear people complain and say how they don't like Valentine's Day. Huh? What's not to love? I've heard some say it's the Hallmark Holiday or they don't need a special day to show love. Hmpf! Of course we show our love all year through but Valentine's Day is a fun day to turn it up a notch. It's not about expensive gifts. Cam and I get each other a few small things and we get the kids a small bit of candy...and their new pj's.
Here's what I got Cam. Wine, chocolate, a new hat and of course pj's! A handmade card too! So, it's not a Hallmark Holiday for me. :)
Dinner was Asian Flank Steak, Ceasar salad, and oven roasted potatoes. Yummo! Sparkling cider too. Wine for us big people. Sis loves to wear this grass skirt as a wig. Cheers!
The whole gang in our new duds! The boys were sure to tell me they wanted Valentine pj's...but no hearts please.
And don't forget dessert. Chocolate Crazy Cake!



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