Monday, June 18, 2012

Not For Me

I went to see my dermatologist. Time for the annual skin check. After a VERY thorough exam she removed a mole from my leg (pathology was normal). Then we talked about my skin. I have used retinol products to help keep my skin clear but they are causing red irritation. More like flaming swollen itchy skin. Darn! My Doctor informed me that I am just too sensitive to them. Great. Not only did they help with acne but also wrinkles. Gotta love having acne AND wrinkles.

So, she gave me a new prescription and then we talked about wrinkles. It went like this.

Me: Can you recommend a good eye cream for wrinkles.

Doctor: with a straight face after looking right at my forehead...Botox is really a better option for you.

Yep. Okay. Wow.

And on top of that fun visit I have been plagued with other lovely signs of aging. I DO NOT like it. Nope.

I'm not a fan of grey hair. Not even a little. I want to pluck it out except I think bald patches will be even less attractive.

Would you like to know what is even worse? Grey hair in my eyebrows. Ugh. So sad. And my eyebrows have gone all wonky. Weird. Unmanageable. Bristly and wacko. Who knew? I sure as heck didn't know that possessed eyebrows awaited me.

I'm going to go put on loud Disco music and dance with my kids. Dance it out. That will surely make me feel young.

Baby George told me this week that he does NOT want me to get old. So....I'm not going to!

The picture above. What does it have to do with this post? I don't know. Posts without pics are just so boring to me. This pic is of Skunk Cabbage I saw on a recent field trip with Busy Guy. If I have kid in Kindergarten (and a few younger ones too) I can't really be old enough for grey hair and Botox. Right? I knew you'd agree.


  1. I hardly know where to begin since I have every saggy, baggy, bad skin, scary skin cancer, and gray hair in places I refuse-to-name. Yet, you tell me all the time, you are YOUNG Gramma. You are active. You are young-at-heart. You are fun to be around. Etc., etc. Back at'cha sweetie. You are beautiful inside and out. Where the heck else is there to be beautiful?

  2. Dude, I'll just say it. A grey eyebrow has got nothing on a grey pube.

  3. I have the same wild wonky weird bristly wacko eyebrows! Hate it ...pull the white ones out but I don't recommend it, because now my eyebrows are nearly gone.

  4. Don't worry about wrinkles and gray hair. Hey, it's part of life!
    No doubt you are still beautiful in Cam's eyes. (and many others as well).




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