Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Swept Away

I know I said I've been having some amazing weekends....but....this one beats all! My sweet hubby planned a get away for us....in secret! I did know about it before hand but all the planning was done. Very exciting! He whisked me away for an overnight cycling trip. Wheeeeeee!
This is only the fourth time in 16 years that we have gone away overnight together from our kids. Much needed!! We left early Saturday morning to catch a ferry. We stayed in a friend's guest house. Great price and lovely home! It was right in town so we were able to ride our bikes everywhere we went.
As an added bonus Cam bought me a gift. Cycling shoes and new pedals so I can clip on....or in other words be a real cyclist. I also bought some new cycling clothes. No more old yoga sweats. I now look the part! Plus, I'll stay much drier when it rains and/or get sweaty. Fancy fabric is fabulous!
We cycled to lunch on Saturday and then headed out for a BIG ride. We did about 20 miles. The views were so beautiful. God created such a breathtaking place for us to live. It was SO quiet (no kids) and the birds were chirping away. Fantastic fun time! I got lots of practice clipping in and out...and only fell hard once. The other time I just screamed and grabbed onto Cam. Isn't that what I was supposed to do?
After our ride we changed clothes and went out for a YUMMY dinner. New York Steak with Gorgonzola and reduced port wine sauce with a potato cake....and an apple nut salad....and a delicious bottle of wine....and hazelnut chocolate mousse. I was full! Thanksgiving kind of full! Good thing I rode my hiney off today kind of full.
Sunday morning I woke up to a text from Mr. P...."I'm up now Mom". Ummm, okay....I guess I'm up too now buddy. :) We cycled to breakfast and then rode around town looking at all the Victorian houses. Very fun.
Before we left I was very nervous about being away from the kids. VERY! But, as the hours went by I relaxed and enjoyed myself so much. I didn't want to come home by Sunday afternoon. Nope. I could easily have stayed another night. Yep. Love my kids but the time away was so nice. And quiet. And much needed.
The kids had a great time with Grandma Sue. Thanks Sue!! You are a marriage preserver. We really appreciate it.
And Cam...thank YOU! Thanks for sweeping me off my feet once again. I love you. XO


  1. Yeah! That sounds wonderful!
    (and I had no idea my big brother could be so romantic...props to him!)

  2. So glad you had this time, the sweet man to arrange it and the awesome MIL to keep the kiddos. Life IS good!

  3. Life IS good. I had fun with kids, Keith came by to spell me three times (two of which I went on my own "mind-clearing-power-walk") but everyone slept, ate, and mostly didn't fight...THAT is a testiment to good parents!

  4. Once again, I read your blog and know: you have one beautiful family, inside and out. How very romantic - every detail - was that get away. What a gift to have the support from parents. Your family is a testimony to how families should live and love each other and others, period.
    Have a blessed Lord's Day.



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