Friday, June 8, 2012


Summer is coming!

We have a few weeks left of school. We don't get out this year until almost the end of June. Then, the wide open days of summer.

Of course I want to cram as much fun into those days as possible. Nice weather and family time and so many places to go and things to see.

We have swim lessons booked, a family vacation, a weekend trip to see family over the mountains. Family coming to stay with us. And 4 birthdays comin' up! The Birthday Season!

And....I want numerous days lounging at the beach, running in the sprinkler at home, cycling in the sun, picnic dinners in the park, many many bonfires and desserts of s'mores, and late mornings spent in our pj's sitting on the porch in the sun.

We also plan to go camping at least once, get out and explore hiking trails and just spend our days with our feet up and the sun on our face.

I had to tell you about all the fun we are going to have because I've also declared this summer, "Manner's Summer". Yes, I'm so fun. We will be working on manners. Yes, welcome to Mama's Charm School. :)

Ummmm.....why Charm School? Let's just cover what I witnessed yesterday. It's a good example of what I've been seeing lately. Okay. Lack of please and thank you numerous times, numerous kids. Loud burps and then the statement, "good one!". Huh? Farting and then announcing the fart and asking if anyone can smell it! Yep. Using the word "butt" WAY too many times...also heard...."buttcrack" a few times too. Oh. General potty talk....poop poopy poop. Table time....standing in chairs at the table, crouching in chair, wiping hands on the underside of table...or shirt...or mom. And lastly interrupting. Interrupting. Interrupting.

You aren't laughing are you? That would be bad manners.


  1. Your summer plans are marvelous!! Yayyy for happy! We are planning to have fun, and also keep up with reading everyday. I really like teaching manners in a laid back time of the year..great idea. Think I'll try it, too!
    Have a blessed day:)

  2. Gramma S tried to teach her children (and Grampa) excellent manners. I was not so consistent but I do remember telling them all that they needed to know, at least, how to eat in a mannerly fashion! "Because someday you might be eating with the president (whomever that would be)"

  3. Sorry- I admit it... I laughed. One of the nicer things about being a grandparent is laughing at bad manners. Of course, never in person, only later with Grandpa with no kiddos to hear us crack up.



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