Thursday, August 16, 2012

Big Daddy is 44

The Birthday Season has come to a close...after much celebrating and much cake! Cam turned 44 this year. We took an overnight trip to Port Townsend for a celebration. It was supposed to be a cycling trip but Cam has a knee injury. So instead we just enjoyed the beaches. Nice time!
The kids love the ferry!
Big Daddy enjoying the view. We truly love the beach. We spent part of the day at the "rocky/log" side and then switched over to the "sandy" side of the beach.
I kind of went out of control posting pics today but the scenery is so are my lovies!
Sis fully enjoys sand. She has zero tactile issues and comes home with buckets of sand in her suit, and hair and everywhere!
On the sandy side of the beach the kids (and Cam) went in the water. Brrrrrr.....I went in up to my shins and then they froze and I ran back out. My family however was having a dance party!
Then we went to lunch and then headed to Squim to the Dungeness Spit. First was a lovely wooden shady hike to the beach.
Look closely to see the spit which extends for miles....check out the link above.
At the end of the spit is this light house and beautiful Mt. Baker in the background.
The spit is covered in more driftwood than we have ever seen. The kids had a blast climbing all over it. And it was really hot out! The hottest weather we had seen all summer....90 degrees! Big waves cooled us off. Tuba maintained his coolness by wearing his beads. :)
The ferry ride home was balmy. We enjoyed the views and breezes after waiting in a two hour ferry line. 5 kids, a dog, 90 degrees, no food and limited water and no restroom....why yes, we were a little cranky!
It was a very fun weekend!
Happy Birthday to my best friend. My sweetie. My love. You have given me everything in life that I ever dreamed of. You are a great dad and husband! I love your energy, your wit and your devotion to God and family. Happy Birthday Big Daddy!


  1. I feel so blessed to be a part of your large family-love. The pictures were wonderful and, I really liked the one of you in the driftwood - holding a kidlet. Thank you so much for posting these. On today, another scorching day (where I spent TOO MUCH time on the hot-hot freeway)it was cooling and calming to see the photos of our blessed water.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this cool-wonderfulness on such another hot-hot day!

  3. The scenery is gorgeous, the kids are beautiful, and a big big big Happy Birthday to Cam. I'm so glad you all had a wonderful time. I love ferry rides, too! :-)

  4. Did you realize you were only about 2 miles from Auntie Carole at the Spit? P.S. I love Cam too!



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