Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sweet 16

Tuba turned Sweet 16!! We had a big party with all of his favorite things. We BBQ'd hot dogs and chicken, had watermelon, Caesar salad, and chips! The sun was shining too.

Tuba doesn't much care about cake so we did a BIG brownie with whip cream for dessert.

He loved all the attention and presents. Tuba loves beads...and he got all stocked up! So fun!

New hat and a few of his new beads. What a handsome boy!

Then it was Bonfire!! Tuba loves a fire! I didn't get any pictures of the fire....I was having too much fun! We sat outside until 11:00. That is really late for us! Of course Tuba didn't want to go to bed yet.

It was a very fun day celebrating our sweet boy.

Happy Birthday Tuba! You are my joy and my love. Your pure heart is the best gift I have ever received. Your smile lights up a room. Your love of God and church is amazing. I know you see the angels that surround us. You give us a glimpse of heaven. I am forever grateful that God gave you to us. You make us laugh and make us appreciate life. I'm so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. You are a great big brother...and cousin! You love babies and they love you! Cheers to you Tuba!


  1. I got teary reading this...I remember (as do the other grandparents) the day he was born. We are all blessed with your family and by his being here with us. Thank you for posting it and yes, the party was waaaay fun - (even if I had to leave early)

  2. Happy Birthday, Tuba!! Becky, I have loved "meeting" each of your children through your blog. I feel like I know them by your words and pictures. What a blessed woman you are. xoxo



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